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This Winter we’re excited to extend the services of our skilled detailing department to our West Coast Harley-Davidson customers with the arrival of the Diamondbrite Winter Special -  a comprehensive detailing package that will ceramic coat your motorcycle for £399.

Our package consists of four elements - Motorcycle Health Check, 12 Hours of Detailing, Ceramic Application, Collection & Delivery*

This unique ceramic coating offer is available from today until December 15th, 2023 


WHat is diamondbrite ceramic? 

Diamondbrite Ceramic is a new ultra-hard generation of Paint Protection that offers unrivalled protection and durability for all new and used vehicles.

This unique and industry leading ceramic coating adds an invisible high gloss protective surface that strengthens and increases the hardness of the lacquer, which creates a superb high performance coating that has unrivalled hydrophobic properties.

The ceramic coating helps to prevent road salt, traffic film, acid rain, insect fluid, and many other pollutants from coming into direct contact with your motorcycle, maintaining an easy to clean surface that shows visible deeper shine and colour.

The ceramic coating is carefully applied by hand from a specially trained detailer at West Coast (who has been certified by Diamondbrite) for complete peace of mind, and comes backed with a manufacturer guarantee. 

WHat's in the package? 

The Diamondbrite Winter Special consists of four elements:

1. Motorcycle Health Check
Our factory trained technicians will carry out a Motorcycle Health Check and send a personalised video direct to your mobile, advising you of any current or future maintenence requirements for complete peace of mind.

2. Specialist Detailing for 12 Hours
West Coast's in-house team of specialist detailers will then clean and examine your bike with the highest attention to detail, in preparation of the ceramic coating stage. This would involve the removal of scratches and swirls where possible, and paint correction if required.

3. Ceramic Application
Following paint preparation, Diamondbrite ceramic will then be applied to paintwork and other areas deemed beneficial, providing your motorcycle with a long lasting protection. Each detailer has been fully trained and certified by Diamondbrite, guaranteeing paint protection for 3 years.

Learn more about the Diamondbrite Protection Guarantee here.

4. Collection and Delivery
We'll bring your Harley-Davidson to and from the dealership. Simple!

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Vehicle Details

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Frequently asked questions

1. Can I buy a kit an apply it myself?
No. This is a detailing professional applied paint protection system and requires a selection of detailing tools and Diamondbrite official training to apply correctly.

2. How long will West Coast have my bike for?
At least 3 days. We'll collect your motorcycle, conduct a health check and detail your motorcycle for 12 hours prior to the ceramic coating application, which will be left to cure overnight in order to adhere and set.

3. How often will I need to polish my Motorbike?
Simple answer is you won't. Just wash it (we recommend Motorcycle Bike Wash or Waterless Detailer) as often as required, inse with water, then apply a light film or Pro Preserve, rinse again and chamois dry. 

4. How quickly should I remove bird droppings or bugs?
Diamondbrite ceramic is guaranteed to resist the effects of birdlime and other contaminates (outlined above) as long as its washed off within 7 days. 

5. Will I have to reapply Paint Protection?
In the UK and Ireland the guarantee is for 3 years so it will not need re-treatment or polishing in 3 years. 

6.What if my bike gets damaged, will it need re-coating?
Paintwork may need to be re-coated as part of your insurance claim. The cost of this may be claimed from your insurance company, and you may need to supply proof of purchase. Please check with your insurance provider for more details. 

7. Who makes the Diamondbrite Pro Sealant?
Jewelutra KTS, who manufacture the product in the UK.  

Terms and Conditions
Collection & Delivery is free of charge up to a 30-mile radius from the West Coast Harley-Davidson dealership. Charges apply thereafter. Speak to our team for further information.