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RIDE REVIEW: 2024 Street Glide & Road Glide



There are plenty of great ways to head out from West Coast Harley-Davidson and with the whole of the stunning West Coast of Scotland at our fingertips, it's not surprising that Don and John have been taking advantage of the recent heatwave!

2024 STREET GLIDE - John Weir

What made you choose the Street Glide? 

Genuinely, I picked it because it felt so light to handle and that translates to the road in fact. To me, there's better visibility, the mirrors and screen, it provides a much better view of the road and surrounding view than my previous tourer (MY22 Road Glide Special).

What did you expect? 

I expected it to be different, with my old bike in my mind - I thought this is going to be different, and it was. It has a 117 engine, with a lovely, smooth, and powerful response. I don't think it needs as much modification as an older M8, it releases a rich, deep torque evenly and doesn't leave you wanting. But, a Stage II would enhance it just enough for me or those out there who would want that little bit more, or a crisper delivery.

What did you find most surprising? 

By the way, the handling was very, very easy - because it's lighter. It's a noticeable change in weight for what's usually seen as a big heavy tourer and this provides more rideability and more confidence. You can ride it longer, enjoy it for longer, and still feel energised at the end of a run. It's far easier to turn in a car park and effortlessly winds around the corners and bends I put it to.

Final Thoughts?

It's a beautiful looking bike, the front end is a noticeable upgrade, but even from the back end, it's sleeker, less bulky. Looks wise, handling, power, it's the complete package and I'd recommend anyone who's even a little curious to try it.

2024 Road Glide - Don Rutherford

What made you choose the Road Glide?

Well, I'd had a shot at it in Milwaukee, at the home coming last year and I was super keen to give it a real run, on roads I know. There were aspects to the power delivery, the fairing, the weight that have all been enhanced and I wanted to really experience this bike for more than a brief run around the block.

What did you expect? 

More, (jokes Don) and it really is everything you want from a modern Tourer. You know, Harley, really have done an exceptional job at keeping the spirit of this bike intact whilst giving us more of what we love about it. There are four ride modes which provide usable profiles for different riding conditions - overall there's a vast improvement to rider comfort.

What did you find surprising?

I was surprised, now having had the chance to run this bike out a bit, at the additional power. It's quoted at 4% which doesn't sound like much, but its very noticeable, but at the same time its all very usable. I wondered about the screen, whether it was going to be a distraction, maybe a bit too much tech - but its not, its really a great upgrade and I think it suits the dash.

Final thoughts? 

You know we're very lucky here to be able to ride our demos and enjoy them and see these new models come through. Having seen a few new models now, this one really is a significant upgrade to the touring family. The Road Glide is a premium machine that is still a Harley through and through. I'd certainly recommend taking one and really put that curiosity to bed - you won't be disappointed.  

Want to know more? 

If our ride review has sparked your curiosity into Harley-Davidson Tourers - you can enjoy a full day's demo for a limited time on the Street Glide, Road Glide or the Road King. Want to know more? Head to our dedicated Touring Experience page and book your ride today.

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